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Website Legal Policies Bundle Template


If there is only one item that you want to buy to become legally compliant, but don't know which one-this should be it.

Technically, this is a bundle that includes several legal policies in it. To date, this has been the best selling item in my shop.

Hundreds of bloggers and entrepreneurs have invested in my legal policies, and especially this bundle, to make their websites legally compliant. 

The Website Legal Policies Bundle is the perfect product for bloggers or people who just started a website because the Bundle comes with all the necessary policies to protect your website and your business.

All of the policies are 100% customizable and editable. You can reuse them as many times as you want on different websites you own. 

This bundle is the best value for all of the policies included. Pay one low amount and get everything you and your business need.

Here is what others are saying about this Bundle

Legal policies are an uncompromising part of having a website or a blog. These policies are a big part of making your website or blog legally compliant.

Some policies are necessary by law, and not having them would mean you’re breaking the law. While other policies, although not mandatory under the law, are highly recommended for your own protection and safety. 

Different policies serve a different purpose, and that’s why it’s important not to cut corners and get everything that is necessary. 

After all, if you’re not legally compliant or protected, then any little mistake could cause the end of your business or having it taken away. 


When you purchase this Website Legal Policies Bundle, you get all of these included in the bundle: 

-Privacy Policy (GDPR compliant) template

-CCPA Policy template

-An instructional video for CCPA

-Disclaimer Policy template

-Terms & Conditions Policy template

-Bonus content

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